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Dog Yoga - 4 image of Cisco, australian shepherd

Downward Dog or Finding the Centre of the Bone

My mom tells me that it is every artist’s dilemma. She was talking about being creative and finding her centre.

I think i will tell her to chew a little longer to get to the centre… that always works for me to get the yummy centre of a bone… Is that what she was talking about I wonder?

She ‘s watching that big box in the room with a yogi it who does dog exercises… downward dog and upward dog. I don’t know what all the fuss is about… you just do it!

Here I  am watching it too. I  wait for the dog but the dog never shows up. I wonder why???




















I wait …




and I wait some more…



Here’s me showing my mom how I prefer my downward dog… I keep this pose for a l-o-o-o-ng time. It is my favourite and sometimes I like to twist the front of the body to the side. i love it because whenever i do that people like to scratch me near where my stubby tail is so I do this one a lot.

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