Custom Pet Portraits, Paintings & Memorials

Don’t you just love the way your pet looks trustingly into your eyes? Does your soul mate and your best friend inspire you to have his portrait painted? My primary goal is to capture that unique loving bond that you have with your pet, his personality and essence, in a hand painted work of art. I focus on his unique qualities when painting your pet. Whether your dog soars through the air after a frisbee, is an active herding / agility / flyball dog or just one who loves to lounge around , I capture it all!

 Order Your Custom Pet and Dog Portraits!

  • Choose your favorite pet photos (3 to 5 of the best)

More than 1 pet? A few photos can be used in your custom pet portrait.
  • Have an idea of your budget and the size you want for your pet’s painting or  drawing

  • Contact me.

Ideas or concerns? Let me know &  I can help you choose the best portrait to match your needs.
  • Confirm your order with a deposit.

I accept cheques, money orders and bank E-transfer. Major debit or credit cards are accepted via PayPal. Online transactions are 100% secure with PayPal.
  • Be part of the process.

You’ll be able to see your pet’s portrait come to lifeUpdates will be eMailed  to you.
  • Finished and ready for delivery.

This is the most fun part! Picking up your pet’s portrait! You will receive  a photo of the your finished painting by email And you may pick up your painting or arrange for delivery! Get Started Now!

Shiba Inu in Winter

Tips to Photographing your dog and having Fun while you are at it.

Capture those moments in pet portraits.
Make it a part of your regular daily routine even if it is for just 5 minutes. Bring your pet’s favourite toy. Remember the key is to have fun. Keep the background simple…. uncluttered. Get close... zoom in (many digital cameras have this feature) Shoot, shoot, shoot as many pictures as you can. Don’t worry as you can delete what doesn’t work. Natural indirect light works the best. Turn OFF the auto flash if you remember. Play around with holding the camera at different angles. You will be surprised at the effects. Above all else, have fun with your pet. In your backyard, in a nearby park, a walk to the ice cream store. If you are feeling stressed put your camera away, there is always tomorrow. Chances are your pet is feeling stressed too. My favourite time of shooting is after supper.  the light is at it’s best. and everyone’s low key, well fed. I have a little digital camera that I slide in my pocket so that i can shoot anytime. I may keep only 3 or 5 of the best… delete the rest… there is always tomorrow for more shots. Copyright Andy Phypers