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Blue Dog in Red


Nina is a very accomplished, professional artist whose portraits manage to capture the true spirit of her subjects. Her empathy for, and love of dogs is self-evident in every paint stroke. -Kim K., Niagara-on the-Lake

Hunter – Portrait of a Rhodesian Ridgeback

Hunter , Drawing, Rhodesian Ridgeback Randy was very pleased with your picture of Hunter and we proudly have it displayed in our kitchen above the cupboards, it fits perfectly and stands out.  Both Randy and myself were amazed at how well you captured Hunters curious and calm nature.  Everyone that comes into the house notices the picture and all make wonderful comments and compliments.  Your ability as an artist shines through in the picture you did for him and your talent is amazing.

We were both very happy with your work and I know I was guilty of not giving you enough time adding pressure to you but you didn’t crack under the pressure and the drawing shows no proof of the limited time that was given to you.  You are a wonderful and talented artist, never doubt that.

Thank you so much
Rosemarie (Toronto, Ontario)


Molly_portrait_blackandwhiteI just wanted to let you know my son loved the sketch you did of Molly and he was so surprised by the gift. We had it framed in black with a wide graphite gray mat and a narrow dark red border.  Thank you once more. Susan A. (Toronto, Ontario)

Jax and Holland

It was quite by chance I chose Nina to create the most idyllic gift for my wife. Like most of us I googled “pet painting” or something like that and was impressed with her web site; a true reflection of her work.

At our first meeting, it was clear that Nina fully understood my ideas, related to our dogs and had the rare gift to capture these qualities in her paintings. In this meeting, we discussed different options as Nina got to know our dogs and took a couple of snaps just as a reminder for details.

Jax is the older top dog and Holland is his mischievous playful friend, it was important for the painting to show this relationship. As painting is nothing like a photograph, snap! and the moment is gone. A painting evolves and is enhanced as Nina and you work together. Through this time I received photographs of the initial sketches, so we could discus form and composition, through to more photos to finalise the fine details that would enhance the final painting.

Now my investment has becomes part of our home, it is something that we delight in showing all our friends. As the gift giver, I have enjoyed the experience of having my very own artist immortalize our pets. My wife Sally is delighted with the personal thoughtful present which will always remind her of the love that Jax and Holland has given her.

As Jax is getting older, I am so pleased that I captured the moment whilst he is part of our lives.

Andy and Sally P


This is Mugzie, and I really mean THIS IS MUGZIE, Nina managed to bring him to life, this is how anyone who knows him remembers him – bright, happy, soaking wet, never without a toy and ready to rumble!  Now he sits, pride of place in my house, watching over us….the pastels, the colour, it all works and it really is him.  I miss him madly, but this painting always cheers me up – a big bright stream of sunshine!  Thanks Nina!

-Pam H.

Licorice Portrait of a Yorkie Poodle


You will never know/imagine how much Licorice’s portrait means to me! Licorice and his happy/goofy character has helped me through some really tough times over the past few years, and he truly is my best friend. Your portrait of him captures the essence of his spirit, and I love it! I emailed pictures to everyone I know and had people come up to my apartment to see it!


-Jacqueline V